BlackBerry could reveal how may units of the Priv were sold or shipped on December 18

According to past reports, BlackBerry will no longer make smartphones if the new Android-powered Priv slider turns out to be a flop. So when do we get to find out if the BlackBerry Priv turns out to be a success or not? We could find out on the 18th of December.

Flop or not


So what’s on the 18th of December? This will be the day BlackBerry releases its fiscal third quarter results, which could contain information on how many units of the BlackBerry Priv were sold or shipped. This could give us an idea on how well or how bad the device is doing in the marketplace.

The question is, will BlackBerry reveal these figures? If you’re interested to find out if the Canadian phone maker will continue to manufacture hardware or not, if you’re anything like us, you must be eager to find out how the the Blackberry Priv is doing. However, although it’s possible that BlackBerry could reveal these figures, there’s also a possibility that it won’t. Why? Unless these figures are stellar, we could get number that would seem low. This is due to the fact that the Priv only started to become available on the 5th of November. Additionally, the Priv is only available in sex markets. These include Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Hong Kong.

Although these figures are yet to be announced (we’re not even sure if we’ll ever find out), here’s hoping that the BlackBerry Priv does well. If you remember, when BlackBerry was yet to unveil the Priv, leaks about the device generated a lot of interest from BlackBerry and Android fans alike. This said, there is a possibility that we may see impressive figures announced on the 18th of December.

Although manufacturers have been known to only give hints on these figures, John Chen, BlackBerry CEO, has been known to be more transparent when dealing with the media. So we could get actual figures rather than trying to make assumptions from unspecific data.

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