Blackberry to spill the beans on its big guns at MWC 2015

John Chen has paved the way back to profitability for the once ailing BlackBerry by choosing to release devices such as the BlackBerry Passport (it new unique flagship) and the BlackBerry Classic ( a devices that merges the classic physical QWERTY keyboard with the latest software the Canadian firm has to offer). These two turned out to be a huge success, with BlackBerry selling out pre-order stocks. With these new devices now available, you may be wondering what Blackberry has in store for us next year. It looks like we’ll get to know what’s in the pipeline for 2015 from the Canadian firm at MWC 2015, which kicks off in early March.


So how do we know BlackBerry will reveal what it is planning for 2015 at MWC? This comes from the company’s head honcho himself, BlackBerry CEO John Chen. Chen confirmed that he will be revealing the company’s 12-month roadmap at Mobile World Congress 2015 at Barcelona, Spain.

So what should we expect from BlackBerry? Will we finally see a handset with a self-hiding physical QWERTY keyboard, which we’ve been hearing about for quite some time now? Will we see another radically-designed device that borrows design elements from the Blackberry Passport? Will we see more handsets like the Blackberry Classic? Unfortunately, your guess is as good as ours. All we can tell you is Blackberry once said that it can now afford to spend more in terms of research and development. So we’re guessing we’ll see something, or at least be given clues, at MWC that we’ve never seen before.

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