Vodafone says government agencies tapping into its network in various countries around the world

In a 20-page booklet called “Law Enforcement Disclosure,” Vodafone said that government agencies in a lot of the 29 countries it operates in have secretly wire-tapped it network, allowing these agencies to tap into private conversations as well as tracking individual’s locations. Sadly, the network operator says that there is nothing it can do about this, saying these agencies can carry out these activities without a court order.


Vodafone says, “If we do not comply with a lawful demand for assistance, governments can remove our license to operate, preventing us from providing services to our customers…the need for governments to balance their duty to protect the state and its citizens against their duty to protect individual privacy is now the focus of a significant global public debate. In our view, it is governments—not communications operators—who hold the primary duty to provide greater transparency on the number of agency and authority demands issued to operators.”

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