Some Lumia devices will allow OS updates to be downloaded to microSD cards after Lumia Denim update

According to Microsoft, the Lumia Denim update will allow some Lumia handsets to download OS updates to microSD cards. In its FAQ section, Microsoft announced: Lumia software update OS version 8.10.14219.341 (formerly Denim), or above enables support for downloading phone software updates to a SD memory card. The supported devices list includes: Lumia 530/530 Dual […]

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 Largest selfie snapped on a Nokia Lumia 730

The most popular selfie was taken by Ellen Degeneres. The device used to take the selfie was the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The largest (most people in a selfie), however, was snapped by Microsoft Lumia Bangladesh on its official Facebook page. The device used to snap the selfie was a Nokia Lumia 730. The selfie you […]

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 Green Nokia Lumia 735 Deals – Nokia’s Green ‘Selfie’ Phone

Green Nokia Lumia 735 deals

Featuring a front facing 5 mega pixel HD camera the Nokia Lumia 735 is dubbed the ‘selfie’ phone, this Windows Phone 8.1 powered device is now available in a new green colour scheme alongside black and orange editions. Best Lumia 735 Green Deals The Green Nokia Lumia 735 now has contract deals available on Talk […]

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 Nokia Lumia 735 Deals Launched – Nokia’s New Lumia ‘Selfie’ Phone

Nokia Lumia 735 Deals

Manufacturers have realised the popularity of ‘selfies’ and are now releasing rafts of new phones with high-end front facing cameras to accommodate the craze, Nokia have now joined the ranks with their Lumia 735 which now has contract deals available on multiple networks. Lumia 735 – Grab your’selfie’ a top deal! Nokia Lumia 735 deals […]

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