Sony XPERIA Z3 torture tested with Coca-cola and Nutella

Flagships have been subjected to a number of torture tests, showing how well they cope against the hazards of wear and tear. However, today’s torture tests have become absurd to be honest. Flagships are blown up with explosives, shot with firearms of various calibers, frozen using liquid nitrogen, or dropped sky-high. These extreme torture tests don’t really replicate real-life situations, but have become a way to satisfy someone’s need to see carnage. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with the new Sony XPERIA Z3 torture test. The new flagship is torture tested with Coca-cola and Nutella.


The XPERIA Z3 torture tested using Coca-cola and Nutella come to us courtesy of YouTube channel adrianisen. The tests replicates more realistic situations wherein soda is spilled on the smartphone or if it is dropped in a bowl of the chocolate substance, testing the device’s waterproofing. Why are these substances so notorious? Coke is said to do a lot of damage when it comes to devices. When it comes to Nutella, we’ll get to see what would happen to the smartphone when it goes up against the sticky substance. So without further ado, here are the videos:



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