Sony XPERIA Z2 UK price and availability confirmed

Earlier, we came across rumours of the Sony XPERIA Z2 potentially suffering from global delays, as the Japanese device maker is reportedly having problems with supply. The rumour apparently isn’t true, as UK retailers have confirmed the price and availability of the Sony XPERIA Z2.


According to Clove UK’s listing, the SIM-free Sony XPERIA Z2 will set you back £540 and will be available on the 11th of April. If you pre-order from Clove before the 7th of April, you get a Sony wireless speaker, Sony noise-cancelling headphones, and £80 worth of digital goods for free.

Carphone Warehouse, on the other hand, is asking more for Sony’s new flagship. It is available for pre-order for £549.95, but will reach your doorstep earlier on the 7th of April. The retailer also offers the SIM-free version.

Sony has also partnered with network operators such as Vodafone to promote the XPERIA Z2. Vodafone has set up a pre-order page for the smartphone and is throwing in a free 32-inch BRAVIA TV for the first 3000 Brits who pre-order the Z2.

Other network operators such as O2 and EE have also confirmed to soon offer the XPERIA Z2, but are yet to announce pricing.

Will you be getting your hands on the Sony XPERIA Z2 once it hits the UK in April? Have you already pre-ordered the device? Let us know through a comment on our Phones LTD Facebook page.

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