Exec says Sony Mobile is not for sale

Earlier Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai suggested the Sony Mobile may be up for sale. A Sony Mobile exec, however, says otherwise.


The exec in question is Tim Harrison, vice president of Global Communications & PR at Sony Mobile. In an interview with uSwitch, he said, “Whenever a company is going through a period of transformation, there are going to be changes to our business and there are going to be redundancies. Of course there are.

“Whenever you’ve got that economic atmosphere around a company, then people will read things into things that are said.

“[But] what he [Kazuo Hirai, Chief Executive of Sony] was basically saying was ‘look, we’re a grown- up company, so we’ve got to leave all our options open’.

“He was not saying, at all ‘we are up for sale’. Categorically, we are not up for sale.”

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