3 professional photographers show what they can do with the Sony XPERIA Z3 and Z3 Compact

Sony has put the Sony XPERIA Z3 and Sony XPERIA Z3 Compact in the hands of three professional photographers Greg Funnell, Ben Thomas, and J.N. Silva, showing off what they can do with the smartphones’ cameras. The three snapped masterful shots of three cities around the world including London, Melbourne, and New York. Check out the photos below.


A look at London after dark

Greg Funnell comments, “A lot of my work focuses on capturing mood and atmosphere – and so much of this comes down to lighting. The Xperia Z3 works really well in low-light, so it has enabled me to shoot on my phone what I previously would have had to shoot on my DSLR.

“With a powerful camera built into a smartphone that’s always with me, I have the freedom to visually explore London’s vibrant nightlife – capturing the city as it comes alive after dark.”

Photo-Academy-Portrait-3207116b97209f67c2ceefaef9c751b2-1280x1024 Greg-Funnell-1-aa4374293ee6e5518a91225fa601bb19-1280x1024 Greg-Funnell-2-792c8562778aeb73c6d35c29d404334b-1280x1024 Greg-Funnell-3-b62d8d1798ca20185c75d624e54940b2-1280x1024 Greg-Funnell-4-061f9fbeb23b306e7d37a077578ce67f-1280x1024

Melbourne in miniature

Ben Thomas comments, “As I was developing the photographs for my ‘Cityshrinker’ project, I used specialised tilt shift camera lenses to create the miniature effect and it’s incredible to think that I was able to achieve the miniaturisation effect using the Xperia Z3 Compact camera.

“The smartphone easily captures images and provides a simple process that you can play about with, to create your own photos with the tilt shift effect. Anybody who is interested in the style should definitely try it out, as you can produce something that is both visually striking and endlessly creative.”

Ben-Thomas-Hero-Image-c903377b0f08b12707706c9c8d3d538a Ben-Thomas-1-607ea78eaa53778db0dd1bb72adf4624 Ben-Thomas-2-1965f1173b88b5544d0919acb7d77589 Ben-Thomas-3-b28f3dc3a5881bc36ec99051af941b80 Ben-Thomas-4-72190cc7d923c3ed4e4e80015fd36c51

Contrast lighting in the concrete jungle

J.N. Silva comments, “The Xperia Z3’s incredible camera allowed me to really capture the expansive detail of one of the world’s most beloved and recognisable cities. During the shoot, I really wanted to communicate my daily perspective on an ever-morphing metropolis by capturing the immense scale and unique light that NYC can offer, while demonstrating the impressive, advanced features of the camera.”

J.N.-Silva-Hero-Image-fc21bd3444ba1e7809b35ea0fe6f370b-1280x1024 J.N.-Silva-1-756462fbd45b655b10da785b9b32bfd7-1280x1024 J.N.-Silva-3-50abf7db17b9bafb77d059f5ae998c47-1280x1024 J.N.-Silva-4-2ccc0c615b90c22b985073146a3c78c5-1280x1024

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