Samsung promises ‘micro updates’ to fix various bugs with Lollipop update

Samsung has updated a number of its devices to Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Unfortunately, some owners of these devices have been experiencing bugs. Samsung has announced that it is working on “micro updates” to fix these bugs.

Lollipop Forest

One device that UK users are complaining about is the Samsung Galaxy S4, with one owner saying that his S4 “has a mind of its own.” It even sent a video message without the owner knowing about it. He tweeted, “Currently my phone isn’t working properly and has a mind of its own..even sent a video msg.”

Fortunately, Samsung is aware of the issues, and announced that it is working on “micro updates.” It said, “Our engineers are currently working on micro updates for the lollipop update on various devices!”

Going back to the S4’s problems after the Lollipop update, there’s actually a fix to the problem. According to Samsung, all you have to do is do a factory reset, after updating to Lollipop.

Paul Hopkins, the owner of the Galaxy S4, confirmed that a factory reset will fix the problem. He tweeted:

Have you been going through the same problems after updating your Samsung Android device to Lollipop? Looking forward to the micro updates? Phones LTD will let you know once these micro updates go live.

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