Samsung trademarks ‘Galaxy Tab A,’ ‘Galaxy Tab E,’ and ‘Galaxy Tab J’ – suggests new tablets are coming

Dutch-speaking has spotted Samsung trademarking “Samsung Galaxy Tab A,” “Samsung Galaxy Tab E,” and “Samsung Galaxy Tab J” with the Korean Intellectual Property Office in its home country of South Korea. This suggests that new tablet are coming or Samsung is planning to re-brand its tablet line.


Unfortunately, these trademarks don’t reveal too much about the tablets. However, based on the new way Samsung is naming its devices, we can make a calculated guess on what to expect.

Based on Samsung’s Galaxy A-series, consisting of devices such as the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A7, we’re guessing that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A will be similar to its smartphone counterparts being clad in metal.

As for the Galaxy Tab E, we’re guessing it will be like Samsung’s Galaxy E-series, consisting of the Galaxy E5 and Galaxy E7. This means that the tablet may sport a metal frame with a plastic unibody.

The Galaxy Tab J may be Samsung’s more affordable tablet line, just like its Galaxy J-series, consisting of the Galaxy J1.

Of course, this is speculation for now. So, don’t take our word for it.

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