Samsung to launch Galaxy S6 in between March 22 to 30?

We know that Samsung will be lifting the lid on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on the 1st of March at MWC 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. According to reports, the Korean tech giant will be releasing their next flagship in the same month as its unveiling, but the question is when. A “tipster” has revealed that Samsung may launch the S6 and S6 Edge in between the 22nd and the 30th of March.


The screenshot you see above was sent to PhoneArena via email by its tipster, which is “supposedly a Samsung employee.” The email reveals that Samsung will be enforcing vacation blackout periods on its employees from the 22nd to the 30th of March. The site speculates this is an indication that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched in between those days.

The memo also reveals a second vacation blackout from the 19th to the 27th of April. PhoneArena guesses that those dates are for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The tipster, however, believes that those dates are reserved for the launch of a “Galaxy Note tablet.”

Of course, since there’s no way for us to confirm if the email os real or not, take this with a pinch of salt.

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