Samsung to focus on mid-range and entry-level devices to remain dominant

Samsung recently lifted the lid on its new flagships – the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The two have definitely turned heads at MWC 2015, which kicked off in Barcelona, Spain last week, with network operators around the world reportedly pre-ordering 20 million units of the new devices. Although it’s pretty clear that the S6 and the S6 Edge will be flying off shelves faster than we’ve ever seen before, it is still unclear whether the Korean tech giant will remain the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world or not, especially after a disastrous 2014. According to a report, Samsung plans to focus on mid-range and entry-level smartphones to maintain its dominance in the smartphone market.


The news comes to us courtesy of Korea Herald. According to the site, industry insiders have said that with the introduction of Samsung’s new lineups, namely the Galaxy A, Galaxy E, Galaxy J, and Samsung Z lineups, the top smartphone manufacturer in the world plans to strengthen its position in the smartphone market. It first plans to reclaim the entry-level market, then work its way up to the mid-range market, and then all the way up.

The report adds that Samsung will first try to capture the Chinese and Indian markets with its entry-level smartphones with smartphones such as the Samsung Z1, its Tizen-powered handset. Understandably, this will be quite a daunting task, as local manufacturers in these countries dominate the entry-level market.

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