Samsung reportedly to discontinue Galaxy Alpha as the A5 is introduced globally

According to a report, Samsung is planning to discontinue the Galaxy Alpha, the first smartphone from the Korean tech giant to sport a metal chassis, next year, as the Galaxy A5 is introduced to more markets globally.


The news comes to us courtesy of South Korean publication ETNews. Here’s a part of the report:

As the ‘Galaxy A5’ is released, the ‘Galaxy Alpha,’ which has similar specifications, will be discontinued. It is forecast that, as soon as the inventory of the materials for the ‘Galaxy Alpha’ is exhausted, its production will be stopped. “I understand that the Galaxy Alpha will be produced until the materials currently in inventory are used up,” said an industry insider. “Its production will end by early February next year.”

The ‘Galaxy Alpha,’ released last September, attracted public attention as it had a metal frame and it was only 6.7″ thick, but was not very popular. As LG Uplus and SK Telecom greatly lowered the price this month, it seems that the main product is naturally replaced by the ‘GalaxyA5.’

Of course, since there’s no way for us to confirm if this report is accurate or not, take it with a pinch of salt.

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