Samsung reportedly having problems with Galaxy A3 and A5 production

In the past months, we saw a lot of leaks involving the Galaxy A3, A5, and A7 (A7 is yet to be offcially unveiled), but Samsung only lifted the lid on the A3 and A5, the slimmest smartphone’s from Samsung to date, in the first week of the month. So why did it take the Korean tech giant this long? According to a report, Samsung is having problems with production.


The report comes from Samsung insider SamMobile. It reports, “According to our source, the casings did not meet the quality requirements Samsung was aiming for, and only around 50 percent of the yield came out right. Samsung is a big company with a lot of resources, but it’s not that surprising that they had problems with making full metal devices as the company’s usual production lines have always been geared at making mostly fully plastic smartphone shells, and since very recently, those with metal on the sides.

“The low yield is also a reason why the Galaxy A3 and A5 will initially be launched only in Asia – there are simply not enough units to go around, and given the popularity of low-cost devices in the Asian region, it’s the region where Samsung is focusing on in the beginning.”

Sadly, this may mean that the ultra-slim Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 may not be available in UK stores anytime soon.

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