Samsung Power Sharing cable allows you to share power between devices

Samsung has lifted the lid on a new cable that allows you to share power between your devices. The Korean tech giant also released an app on Google Play that allows you to use the cable.

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Press release:

Samsung introduces new way to charge between devices on the go

September  23, 2014

Stuck with a low battery and in need of a quick charge? With the Samsung Power Sharing cable1, you can now easily transfer power directly from your Galaxy S 5, Galaxy Tab S or other select Galaxy device to any micro USB-compatible device. The new Power Sharing cable gives multi-device users a versatile way to charge their devices – it lets users share the power of their Galaxy battery with either their own devices or a friends’ no matter where they are.

To start, download the “Power Sharing” app from Samsung Apps or the Google Play store, and select the amount of power to transfer. Then, simply plug in one end of the cable into the device that the power is being drawn from while plugging in the other end of the cable into the device to be charged.

It’s portable and small enough to fit in a pocket and purse while on-the-go. The Power Sharing cable is available in white, and additional information and pricing can be found here:

1 The full amount of selected battery power cannot be transferred due to power loss or usage during the transfer process.

Phones LTD will let you know once the cable is available in the UK.

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