Samsung Gear Live teardown reveals ‘repairability score’ of ‘8 out of 10’

It looks like repair experts at iFixit have been busy taking wearables apart. It has torn down the Android Wear-powered LG G Watch and now it has done the same with the Samsung Gear Live, giving the smartwatch a “repairability score” of “8 out of 10.” This simply means that the device is easy to repair.


Why is the Samsung Gear Live easy to repair?

Here are the reasons:

  • The band detaches readily, and more or less like a regular watch band—making replacements a simple, worry-free affair.
  • Despite the water-resistant construction, opening the case is no big deal. Bring your T5 driver and pry tools, but don’t expect a fight.
  • The battery is readily accessed and replaced—with a friendly “Pull” tab to cheer you along.

One part of the teardown process will give you minor problems.

  • Several small adhered-in flexible PCBs will present a challenge during repairs.

There is one major problem.

  • The fused display assembly, glued right into the chassis, makes screen replacement a dubious and costly proposition.

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