Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony XPERIA Z4, and LG G4 could be delayed due to rumoured Snapdragon 810 issues

According to a report, smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, Sony, and LG are worried their next flagships, the Galaxy S6, the XPERIA Z4, and the G4 respectively, may get delayed due to the issues Qualcomm is having with its Snapdragon 810 processor. The chip maker is reportedly having problems with overheating and a decrease in clock speed, according to a report from BusinessKorea.

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Although a problem, Samsung doesn’t seem to mind that much, since it can easily use its Exynos chips on its next flagship. LG, however, is reportedly in trouble, as it is having problems with its first processor NUCLUN. According to reports, NUCLUN is slower than entry-level processors. Sony is definitely in trouble, since it doesn’t make processors. So if Qualcomm doesn’t resolve the issues with the Snapdragon 810, the LG G4 and Sony XPERIA Z4 may be delayed.

The business news site’s source said, “Qualcomm is faced with hard-to-solve problems. The Snapdragon 810 overheats when it reaches a specific voltage. It also slows down owing to problems with the RAM controller connected to the AP. In addition, there is an error in the driver of the Adreno 430 GPU.”

So what’s the big deal with the Snapdragon 810? It is reportedly the most powerful processor for mobile devices ever to hit the market. It is an octa-core processor, with four A57 cores and four A53 cores. Each A57 core is clocked at 1.96 GHz, while each A53 core is clocked at 1.56 GHz. Apart from being an octa-core processor, it is also supports 64-bit and Ultra HD screens.

Of course, this is all speculation as of the moment, so take it with a pinch of salt.

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