Samsung to launch ‘Galaxy H1’ and ‘Galaxy H7’?

Samsung has launched its Galaxy A-series (Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A7), Galaxy E-series (Galaxy E5 and Galaxy E7), and the entry-level Galaxy J-series (Galaxy J1). It looks like Samsung will be adding another series – the Galaxy H-series. Devices included in this new series are the “Galaxy H1” and “Galaxy H7.”

Samsung-Galaxy-H1-and-Galaxy-H7-trademark-applications Samsung-Galaxy-H1-and-Galaxy-H7-trademark-applications (1)

The screenshots seen above show trademark applications (1 & 2) by Samsung with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (first spotted by Dutch-speaking Galaxy Club). Sadly, close to nothing is known about these devices at this point. All the trademark applications reveal are their names.

Although not much is known about the two new devices, they are likely to run Android, as “Galaxy” devices by Samsung run all run Google’s mobile operating system. The only question is, will they be smartphones, or tablets. It’s possible that they could be something else.

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