Lollipop Update on Samsung Galaxy A5

Android 5.0.2 Lollipop system update for Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5

Just wanted to share this with any fellow Samsung Galaxy A5 users …

Android 5.0.2 Update

Yesterday I received my ‘over-the-air’ Android 5.0.2 Lollipop system update, I am on EE (transferred from T-Mobile on a Black Friday SIM only deal) and purchased the phone SIM free from Mobile Phones Direct.

Aside from some minor cosmetic changes, I’ve not really noticed any major changes since the install, that said, it happened late yesterday so I haven’t really had a good chance to play around with it yet.

Oh, and yes, that is my wallpaper in the Lollipop images above!

Have you received your Lollipop update for your Samsung Galaxy A5 yet? What changes have you noticed?

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