Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 review reveals weaker signal than the S5

Samsung has added two new smartphones to its Galaxy A lineup. These are the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3. Not only are the two clad in metal, they are currently the thinnest smartphones the Korean tech giant has to offer. However, a new review reveals that signal strength may be an issue.

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The review was made by Russian-speaking However, it seems Samsung is yet to perfect designs involving metal unibodies, as the review reveals a weaker signal compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The review shows the Galaxy S5 with a signal strength of -82dBm, which is more than adequate for making calls and browsing the web. The A5 and A3, however, show a signal strength of -92 dBm and -93 dBm, which is close to being considered weak. Dropping 10 dBm would mean loss of data connection and the inability to hear the person on the other line.

The design of the Galaxy A5 and A3 is, in our opinion, one of the best Samsung has come up with. However, it seems the company is having problems with production, as its suppliers are reportedly not equipped to make these beautifully crafted metal chassis.

According to reports, the A5 and A3 will be first launched in Asia. It is yet to be determined when the two will be available in the UK.

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