Samsung cuts Galaxy S5 price by 10% in Korea

According to a report, the Korean tech giant has slashed the Samsung Galaxy S5’s price in Korean by 10%. Samsung could do the same in other markets around the world.


The news comes to us courtesy of Reuters. The news agency reports, “Samsung, which said on Tuesday it would likely post a second straight quarterly profit decline, has knocked around a tenth off the price of its Galaxy S5 in South Korea, in the first such move for a marquee smartphone launch – the S5 rolls out globally on Friday.”

Why is Samsung doing this? Reuters explains, “Samsung’s flagship S5 price cut suggests the South Korean firm wants to encourage users to trade up to a fancier phone – at a potential cost to its margins. Samsung’s mobile business operating margin dipped to 16 percent in October-December from 18 percent over the whole of 2013.”

With Samsung cutting the Galaxy S5’s price tag by 10% in Korea. We could see the Korean phone maker do the same in other markets such as the UK.

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