Photos showing gold-plated Samsung Galaxy Note Edge leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is one of the most unique devices in the market. It comes with an second edged screen that is sure to turn heads, but what if it were gold-plated? Now that would definitely be a head-turner. It seems the Korean tech giant is cooking up a gold-plated version of the unique phablet, as photos of the device have been leaked online.

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Photos of this gold-plated variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge were leaked on Viet-speaking SamsungViet. It shows the device’s frame clad in gold, while the back is covered in what seems to be leather. The question is, is it really clad in gold or is that just another colour option? Stamped on the back is “au.” That’s the chemical symbol of gold.

Sources claim that this luxurious version of the Galaxy Note Edge is still undergoing design changes. This means that it may look a bit different when launched.

So when will this gold-plated Note Edge be available? Sadly, that is yet to be determined. Furthermore, we can’t confirm if it truly exists. If the leak does hold water, we’re pretty sure that it will be anything but affordable. Furthermore, it’s likely that this luxury version will be made in limited quantities.

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