Three UK Support says Lollipop not coming to Samsung Galaxy S4

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S4? Wondering when your smartphone will be getting Android 5.0 (Lollipop)? If so, we’ve got bad news for you. Three UK Support is saying that they can confirm the latest version of Android will not be rolling out to your smartphone, due to “memory limitation.”


Responding to an inquiry on Twitter, @ThreeUKSupport said, “Sorry for the delay in replying Paul. There’s no plans for Lollipop for the S4 mini due to memory limitation.”

@YouMobile then asked @ThreeUKSupport if this was accurate, since Samsung did confirm that Android 5.0 (Lollipop) was rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S4. @ThreeUKSupport said, “Yes we’ve received confirmation from Samsung that this is due to a memory limitation with this device…”

There is a chance, however, that @ThreeUKSupport may have made a mistake as @ThreeCare (Three Ireland Online) says otherwise.

This was brought to the attention of @ThreeUKSupport, who then said that their “update release may differ from Three Ireland.”

As you can see, there quite a confusion going around here. So we’re still unsure whether the Lollipop update will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 or not.

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3 thoughts on “Three UK Support says Lollipop not coming to Samsung Galaxy S4

    • Thanks for the clarification Paul, I think you may have a job on your hands if you’re hoping to contact everyone who has run this story incorrectly!

  1. This is hugely misleading, the S4 will be getting the update just not the S4 Mini. Bloggers should proof read their posts.

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