iFixit tears down Samsung Gear 2 – turns out it’s easy to fix

The Samsung Gear 2 is the Korean tech giant’s new smartwatch. Like any watch, it comes with minute components, which may make you think that it will be difficult to repair if ever it gets damaged. Apparently, the wearable is easy to fix, according to repair experts at iFixit.


iFixit has given the Samsung Gear 2 a “repairability score” of “8 out of 10,” with 10 being the easiest to repair.

There are three reasons why the Gear 2 is easy to repair. Here they are:

  • The watch band is super easy to remove, speeding replacements and upgrades.
  • Screws, clips, and spring contacts make up the trifecta of easy opening. Getting in through the rear case is a snap.
  • Once you’re inside, the battery can be peeled out and replaced with no tools.

There is only one aspect to the smartphone’s disassembly that will give you a problem. According to the site, “A fused display assembly, glued into the front of the device, makes screen replacement a little difficult and costly.”

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