Here’s a preview of Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Recently, SamMobile gave us a sneak peek at what Android 5.0 (Lollipop) running on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Now the Samsung Mobile insider is showing us what the latest version of Android will look like running on the Samsung Galaxy S5. This includes screenshots and a video.

Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-15-31-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-12-53-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-12-17-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-12-11-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-12-04-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-11-29-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-11-21-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-10-45-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-10-27-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-10-22-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-12-28-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-12-20-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-11-57-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-11-52-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-11-43-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-11-16-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-11-06-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-10-05-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-21-11-09-57-Custom Screenshot-2014-11-20-14-52-10-Custom

Here’s the video:


So what’s the difference between Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy S5? According to SamMobile, “Compared to the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S5′s new Lollipop build hasn’t brought too many changes, except for new icons in Toolbox, which allows quick access to a few functions from anywhere on the phone. However, what’s noticeable on the new build is the performance – the phone feels speedier and smoother now, and even the gallery app, which is generally slow on all Samsung devices, seems to be more optimized.”

So what does this mean? This is an indication that the Lollipop update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 will soon be available. Keep it here at Phones LTD for further updates.

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