Galaxy S6 Edge to be called ‘Galaxy S Edge,’ Vodafone placeholder reveals

We’ve learned from previous reports that Samsung will launch an edged version of its next flagship, which media has dubbed the “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.” Does this mean that the edged version of the S6 will be called the S6 Edge? Apparently not, as a placeholder has revealed the it will be called the “Galaxy S Edge.”

samsung-galaxy-s6-vodafone1 samsung-galaxy-s-edge-vodafone-source

This placeholder can be found on Vodafone’s Dutch website, which was first spotted by Dutch-speaking The source code reveals that a pre-order form for the Samsung Galaxy S Edge will be added.

So why Galaxy S Edge and not Galaxy S6 Edge? Galaxy S Edge makes more sense, judging from the way Samsung has named its current devices, specifically its first edged device the Galaxy Note Edge. The Note Edge is the edged version of the Galaxy Note 4.

So when do we get to see the Galaxy S6 and its edged version the Galaxy S Edge? Samsung is expected to lift the lid on its next flagship and its variants at MWC 2015, which kicks off in Barcelona, Spain in early March.

Word on the street is, there is another version of the S6 aside from the S Edge. Rumour has it that Samsung is also planning to launch the S6 Active. The S6 Active is said to be the only version to come with IP certification. The other two will not.

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