Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge user manual pages pop up on Samsung Finland website

In the past few weeks, we’ve been coming across a flood of leaks involving the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its rumoured edged version the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. We’ve seen its leaked chassis; we’ve seen diagrams, and we’ve seen case makers show renders, which they claim shows the real deal. Now what is believed to be the two devices’ user manual pages have popped up on Samsung’s Finland website (1 & 2), which were first spotted by Dutch-speaking GalaxyClub.


The pages do not mention “Galaxy S6” or “Galaxy S6 Edge.” It does mention the model numbers “SM-G920X” and “SM-G925X,” which do not match any of the model numbers of any existing Samsung-made smartphones. They do, however, follow the trend on how Samsung gives its flagships model numbers. For example: the Samsung Galaxy S5’s model number is SM-900X. This said, we’re guessing the pages on Samsung’s Finland website are placeholders for the S6 and the S6 Edge. The pages are likely to show more info once Samsung lifts the lid on its next flagship on the 1st of March at MWC 2015.

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