Some Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge units suffering from auto-rotate bug

Some Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge owners have reported that their brand new smartphones are suffering from an auto-rotate bug, with some users complaining about the screen randomly auto rotating and others complaining that the screen won’t rotate even when the screen rotation is turned on.


A Verizon customer in the US writes on the Verizon forums:

Has anyone else experienced a screen rotation issue on the S6 edge?  My device is locked in portrait mode and will not rotate.  Before you ask, YES SCREEN ROTATION IS TURNED ON.

I have spoken with both Verizon and Samsung tech support and they didn’t have a clue other than swap out my phone.  Doing a google search on S6 screen rotation issues pulls up a few hits with other people reporting the same issue.  I have done 6 factory resets so far and it has not corrected the issue.  I’m convinced this is a software glitch that will someday be fixed (hopefully soon).

I wanted to see how big an issue this was so I can determine if I stick it out with the S6 edge or return it within my 14 days and get something else.

Another owner writes on the XDA forums:

I received my sprint s6 edge today and have noticed that the screen will randomly go to landscape while browsing without any or very little movement and then it will get stuck in landscape. The only way to get it back to portrait is to return to the homescreen or another screen that forces portrait view.

Anyone else experiencimg this issue?

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