Nokia X+ and XL will come with free 4GB microSD cards

Last month at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, Nokia officially unveiled its Android-powered Nokia X family, which consists of the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and Nokia XL. Although the devices come with very attractive price tags, they only sport 4GB of internal memory. This may make you think twice about getting your hands on one of them. The good news is Nokia has revealed that the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL come with 4GB microSD cards. All devices can support microSD cards up to 32GB.


On Nokia Conversations, the Finnish firm’s official blog, a fan named Juan Martinez asks, “What storage do the phones come with?” Nokia answers, “All devices in the Nokia X family can support up to 32GB MicroSD cards. The Nokia X+ and Nokia XL come with a 4GB card included.”

So there you have it. The Nokia X+ and Nokia XL will come with free 4GB microSD cards.

So when will the Nokia X family arrive in the UK? The handsets are now available in emerging market, with a wider global release to soon follow. We’ll keep you updated once an official announcement is made.

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