Asha handsets have app and notification issues – Nokia petitioned to fix problems

It seems Nokia Asha handsets starting with the Asha 501 have been having problems with apps and notifications. Despite Asha owners complaining about these issues, the Finnish firm doesn’t seem to care. Antonio Papa, a disgruntled Asha owner, has petitioned Nokia to fix these problems.


The petition reads:

It’s been eleven months by now (almost a year) since when the first device running on Asha Platform has been relased.

Since then this new operating system has had big problems with the most popular though basic apps.

For istance, did you know that the pre-installed Facebook app doesn’t even start up? Yep. It doesn’t. Though Nokia keeps advertising this phone with full facebook support, which is not true.

Did you know that one has to download form the browser an alternative Nokia-authorized facebook version to be able to access facebook?

After you’ve installed the alternative version of facebook, the problem seems solved. Not quite, facebook push notifications don’t work. I don’t mean like “you get them late” or “sometimes they don’t work”, I mean like push notifications just don’t work on Asha Platform devices.

Another good example is whatsapp that also has problems with push notifications. You don’t get push notifications from whatsapp if you Asha Device is on Wi-Fi, though Nokia keeps advertising the phone with full whatsapp support.

Indeed, after some last updates, Whatsapp makes the device even go haywire!

Coincidentally, any app wth push notifications (facebook messenger, twitter ecc…) will, anyway, have problems with push notifications.

Therefore, even though Nokia support at every request keeps denying it, it is more than clear that the problem is of the device, it is faulty.

Many users (and I mean MANY) report exactly these same problems to nokia support daily by social channels (facebook, twitter ecc…) but also on Nokia support discussions.

Despite this large crowd of users reporting always the same problem Nokia seems only to ignore them and have no idea to fix these bugs wth popular apps which make the device, overall, quite useless nowdays.

Another issue with these devices is that after a reset or even first start up you may not find anymore Nokia Xpress browser!

Despite these problems are reported daily, within almost a year Nokia has relased some updates for the device, but has never fixed these important problems.

Of course, any person with a bit of sense understands that it is not right towards users to make them pay for a faulty device.

That is why this petition has the target to gather 1200 signatures to present to Nokia Corporation asking to fix these problems at least by the end of May 2014 or to offer a partial refund to all Asha paltform users that will ask for it as the device will keep being partially working.

Thank you.

Are you an Asha owner? Have you experienced these issues? Did you sign the petition? Let us know through a comment on our Phones LTD Facebook page.

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