Microsoft working zero data charges when downloading Windows Phone updates

Whenever downloading updates, most smartphone owners make sure they’re downloading updates via a Wi-Fi connection to avoid large data charges. If you’re on an unlimited data plan, you’re fine. But if you’ve got a data cap, there’s just no way to download updates via your phone network. If you own a Windows Phone-powered smartphone, you may no longer have to worry about this.


Microsoft (1 & 2) is working on zero data charges whenever downloading Windows Phone updates. The document reads:

This topic shows how Mobile Operators (MOs) can enable and test Windows Phone updates to work with zero-rating. Zero-rating allows users to download data, such as device updates, without being charged for data usage.

The method used in this topic prevents updates for non-Windows Phone devices connected via Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) from being zero-rated.

Enabling zero-rating:

Add the following two URLs to your network as zero-rated sites:

Once those URLs are zero-rated, there are no more actions to take to get zero rating in place. It will be effective for all Windows Phone devices (both operator variant and open market devices). The first eligible update for zero rating is Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1.

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