MediaTek cooking up 10- to 12-core processors?

Currently, chip makers have launched CPUs for mobile devices sporting eight cores (octa-core processors). One much-awaited processor is from Qualcomm – the Snapdragon 810, an octa-core processor with support for 64-bit architecture. A new report is saying that Qualcomm-rival MediaTek is cooking up processors that sport 10 to 12 cores.


The news comes to us courtesy of Chinese-speaking site MyDrivers. According to its inside source, the chip maker based in Taiwan may release processors with 10 to 12 cores. So when do we get to see these CPUs? The source claims that MediaTek may release these processors before the end of this year. Note that it usually takes years to develop new processors, suggesting that MediaTek may have been secretly working on these new CPUs for quite some time now.

On the flip side, not a lot of apps can fully take advantage of four cores or eight cores. So it remains to be seen if MediaTek will be able to properly market these rumoured 10- to 12-core processors to device makers. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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