HTC announces Sense 7 coming to One (M8) later in 2015

HTC has finally lifted the lid on the HTC One M9, its new flagship, yesterday at MWC 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. The new smartphone comes with the most powerful hardware today’s technology has to offer, the latest version of Android, and the latest version of its UI – Sense 7. Now that Sense 7 is out, when will it be available for last year’s flagship the HTC One (M8)? According to the Taiwanese phone maker, it will be available via a software update within this year.


Although the HTC One M9’s differences with the HTC One (M8) mostly has to do with hardware, Sense 7 does come with a number of new features. It comes with a home widget that automatically detects your location and make adjustments to your home screen, recommending apps you may use for the area. For example: if you’re at home, it recommends apps for home use, and if you’re at work, it recommends apps for office use. This includes apps you are yet to own.

Sense 7 also allows you to created customised themes. It can create a theme with photos you have captured. It also finds photos you’ve snapped you thought you lost, by finding them in the phone’s storage, on the cloud, or in social media like Facebook, making life much easier.

Although HTC has announced that the HTC One (M8) will be getting Sense 7, it is yet to announce when exactly this year will the latest version of the UI roll out to the said smartphone.

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