2013 HTC One gets run over by a forklift and survives

Do you own last year’s HTC One? Wondering how tough it is? Apparently, the smartphone is extremely tough tanks to its aluminium casing. A user on Reddit tells a story of his brother’s 2013 HTC One getting run over by a forklift and survives. The user provided photos as well.

Here are the photos of the battle-scarred HTC One:




On Reddit post titled “HTC One is a tank. Ran over by a forklift – Story inside w/ pics”, he wrote:

My brothers HTC One was due a replacement as his headphone jack was broken (carrier was replacing it). The delivery driver didn’t arrive to collect the phone and re-arranged til today. Instead of using a reserve phone he got it out the box and was going to repackage the device. It dropped from his pocket and got ran over by…

If the 2013 HTC One can survive this much abuse, we’re pretty sure the HTC One (M8), packing more aluminium, will survive as well.

Does this make you want to make you get your hands on the HTC One (M8)? Does it make you appreciate your 2013 HTC One even more? Drop a comment on our Phones LTD Facebook page.

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