‘Unfinished’ Apple iPhone 6 production model sells on eBay for more than £7,000

Back in October, an Apple iPhone 6 64GB unit that was believed to be a “prototype” was auctioned off on eBay, and the highest bidder was willing to pay over $100,000 (over £60,000) for the device. However, the device was pulled from the site. It was recently spotted back in eBay and sold for $11,100 (£7035.76).


The news comes to us courtesy of CultofMac. According to the site, the seller that goes by the name of “Alex,” received the unit from US network operator Verizon. Upon getting the device out of the box, he discovered that it had a few unusual apps pre-installed (not found pre-installed on regular production units of the iPhone 6), strange markings (an example is a red charging port), and no FCC markings. This led him to believe that it was a prototype. However, Apple said that it was an “unfinished” production model. This could be the reason why Alex pulled the device from eBay.

Apple offered to replace the unfinished production model with either an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, but instead of taking the Cupertino firm’s offer Alex opted to put it up for auction once again on eBay. As a result, Alex is $11,100 richer. Not a bad decision.

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