Samsung shows off Galaxy Note 4’s strength in ‘three-point bend test’

Videos have proven that the Apple iPhone 6 Plus can be easily bent using just a small amount of pressure. Samsung has taken the opportunity to show off that the Galaxy Note 4 is “strong” by subjecting the phablet to a “three-point bend test.”

Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_1 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_2 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_3 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_4 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_5 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_6 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_7 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_8 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_9 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_10 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_11 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_12 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_13 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_14 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_15 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_16 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_17 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_19 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_20 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_21 Galaxy-Note-4-Bend-Test_181

Hit play below to watch the bend test.


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