Video shows Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bends under pressure just like the iPhone 6 Plus

When Apple launched the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, excitement quickly turned into disappointment when owners discovered that their spanking new smartphones could easily be bent. This was due to the slim profile and aluminium frame. It seems, however, that this will be the same case with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

s6-edge-1-820x420This was revealed by a video from SquareTrade. It subjected the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the HTC One M9, and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus through bend tests using a robot called “BendBots,” and the data gathered by the robot revealed that the Korean tech giant’s next flagship is likely to bend under pressure just like the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Here’s the video:


The video reveals that it takes 110 pounds of pressure to bend the iPhone 6 Plus. The same amount of pressure is required to bend the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The difference is, the iPhone 6 Plus only shows a bent chassis, while the display on the Galaxy S6 Edge cracked on the curved edges. Despite the damage, both smartphones still functioned.

So how much pressure will it take to completely render the smartphones useless? It takes 179 pounds of pressure to completely the iPhone 6 Plus useless, while it only takes 149 pounds of pressure to completely destroy the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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