Photo allegedly leaks Apple iPad Pro case – reveals what could be four speaker cutouts

Apple bumping up the screen size of its iPhone proved to be a huge success, with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus selling like hotcakes around the world. It looks like Apple is planning the same with the iPad, as a photo showing the rumoured iPad Pro’s rear case has been leaked.


We’ve already come across a number of rumours claiming that Apple is planning to launch a bigger 12.3-inch to 12.9-inch iPad that has been dubbed the iPad Pro (also known as the iPad Plus). Rumours also say that the tablet will have an optional accessory, a stylus, which is something Apple never considered making in the past.

The photo seen above comes to us courtesy of French-speaking NWE, which it received from its reliable source. What’s interesting about the alleged iPad Pro case is the four cutouts on each corner, which are believed to be for four speaker grills. The case also comes with cutouts for the Lightning port, the rear camera, the standby button, and the volume rocker.

So when do we get to see the Apple iPad Pro? According to reports, the larger iPad will make its debut in March, and may be launched alongside the Apple Watch in April.

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