Indian owner escapes Apple iPhone 6 explosion

Another iPhone – another explosion. In India, an owner of a brand new Apple iPhone 6 threw his smartphone out of his car, before it exploded. This is the first time an iPhone has exploded in the country.


The incident was reported by TimesofIndia. According to the report, Kishan Yadav purchased an Apple iPhone 6 64 GB for the Indian equivalent of around £600. He was talking to a friend while in his car, when sparks came out of the device. When he felt the smartphone get incredibly hot, he threw the phone out of the window. His iPhone exploded as soon as it hit the ground.

Yadav let his burned iPhone 6 cool down and took it to the store where he purchased it. He was then advised to take it to the nearest Apple service center. At the service center, he was told that his complaint would not be registered. Instead, the center would hold on to the burned device and get back to Yadav once they receive word from Apple. This angered Yadav who filed a police report.

Yadav has every reason to be angry, as all new iPhones should be covered by its original warranty.

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