New Nokia Lumia 635 Valentine’s Day ads talks about Cortana – takes a jab at Siri

Microsoft has launched two new Valentine’s Day ads, which promotes its entry-level Nokia Lumia 635. The ads focus on its virtual personal assistant Cortana and at the same time takes a jab at Apple’s Siri.


In the first ad, a guy talks about breaking up. He says, “It’s hard. One day I just had enough. And then I met someone else,” which makes you think he talking about breaking up with a girlfriend. He adds, “She reminds me of everything. Like when I leave the house, she makes sure I don’t forget my wallet.” He then reveals that he’s taking about Cortana and says, “I would never go back to Siri.”


In the second ad, a woman says, “I met someone who brings out the best in me. She’s got my back.” She then says, “My dad put his arm around me and said Honey, we know you were never an iPhone girl.”


Would you do the same – break up with Siri on your iPhone for Cortana on the Nokia Lumia 635? Let us know through a comment on our Phones LTD Facebook page.

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