New Apple Watch Guided Tour teaches you how to track your activities

Apple released eight guided tour videos of the Apple Watch. These guides taught users how to use Siri on the smartwatch, change faces of the timepiece, message, make and take calls, listen to music, use maps, and use DigiTal Touch. Another video is an overview of the Apple Watch. Now Apple has released a new guided tour video called “Activity.”


This new guided tour shows users how the Apple Watch helps you stay active, instead of sitting around and doing nothing. It can be accessed directly from the home screen. Once opened, it will immediately give you suggestions. For example, the app will tell you that achieving three different fitness goals every day will lead to healthier life. It recommends standing at least one minute every hour and moving more. This helps you achieve your personal calorie burn goal.

To start using the getting suggestions from the Activity app, you will be asked to enter personal information. Soon after, it will monitor your activities each day by tracking “three rings.” These three rings monitors the amount of calories burned, minutes of activity, and the amount of times you stood for one minute every hour. It also shows you the amount of steps you have taken, the distance you have walked each day, and the amount of calories you have burned. Additionally, the Apple Watch app will send out reminders that encourage you to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Here’s the guide:


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