iPhone 5S saves soldier’s life in Afghanistan – takes Apple 3 months to replace hero’s phone

Staff Sgt. Shaun Frank, from Salt Lake City, Utah, was attacked by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. He is alive today because of his iPhone 5S, which stopped shrapnel from fatally piercing his body. Apple, however, took 3 months to replace the damaged iPhone.


Speaking to KSL, Alisha Lantz, Staff Sgt. Shaun Frank’s sister, said, “They did tell him when he got back to base that that iPhone probably saved his life.”

She added, “He wanted to go overseas and fight and be part of fighting for our country.”

Speaking about how her brother faced death straight in the eye, she said, “My brother just saw the look in his eye and he knew he was there to hurt them.”

Frank attempted to fire first and prevent the suicide bomber from doing any damage, but the bomber triggered the bomb filled with metal ball bearings.

Lantz said, “My brother got several holes all over him, through his thumb, through his fingers, through his hands and his legs.”

She added, “He had his iPhone in his pocket. The iPhone stopped a few of the ball bearings as well.”

Understandably, nothing much was left of the iPhone, but Lantz said, “He really wanted to keep it as a memento.”

Apple, however, said that Frank had to give up the damaged phone if Apple were to replace the damaged iPhone, since it was covered under Frank’s insurance.

Lantz said, “They basically drew the line and gave us a choice.

She added, “Because the old phone meant so much to him, we chose to get the old phone.”

Pleading to Apple, Lantz said, “He needs a new iPhone. Apple, please give him a new iPhone. I’m just so proud of him. He’s just… he’s my hero.”

KSL reports, “It’s been months now, and Frank is still in Afghanistan without a phone. His family in Utah is doing everything they can to get him a new one.”

It added, “KSL contacted Apple. The company initially said it was looking into the situation but later said it had no comment.”

After three months, Apple finally decided to replace Staff Sgt. Shaun Frank’s iPhone 5S.

It seems Apple only decided to replace the iPhone once the story hit the media. The gesture could have been viewed as genuine if Apple replaced the phone upon hearing the incident.

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