iOS app developer uses app profits to pay off parent’s mortgage

Joe Riquelme is the iOS app developer behind the highly-popular Videoshop app. Videoshop is a video editor that allows users to edit their iOS clips. The app also allows users to add music to a video, speed up or slow down a video, add sound effects such as animal noises, applause, explosions, farts, and more, cut down videos, combine videos, add subtitles, and share videos with friends. This, however, is not about the app, but more about a guy who gives back to his parents, thanks to the success of his app.


Dealing with mortgages is something a lot of families are going through, not only in the US, but around the world. Parents use the money from these loans to pay for things such as raising their kids or paying for college. In Joe’s parent’s case, all of the above. Due to the success of his app, he paid back every sacrifice his parents made for him by paying off their mortgage.

Here’s the heartwarming video:


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