iOS 8 future build will allow you to find your parked with Apple Maps

Do you always forget where you’ve parked your car? If a report is to be believed, a future build of iOS 8 will allow Apple Maps to find your parked car.


The news comes to us courtesy of 9to5Mac. The image below is screenshot of how the feature will work. The feature will require the use of the M7 motion coprocessor that can only be found on the iPhone 5S. It is likely to be found on board the iPhone 6.


In another report, 9to5Mac reveals that iOS 8 will also offer some features that helps users with public transit (see image below).


So why didn’t Apple reveal these features at WWDC 2014 last week? It’s likely that Apple’s developers are still working on the features and we’ll probably see these features in iOS 8.1. Word on the street is the delay was caused by arguments between developers and former Maps Quality head Cathy Edwards.

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