FCC reveals less iPhones are stolen in London thanks to Activation Lock

Thieves around the world are known to target one smartphone more than any other. This is the iPhone by Apple. The good news is, after Apple launched the Activation Lock feature on its current iPhones, smartphone thefts in London is down by 24%. This is due to the fact that Activation Lock prevents thieves from deactivating the Find My iPhone feature on stolen iPhones.


These numbers come from the FCC. It reports, “Smartphones are a significant driver of thefts in London. Smartphone thefts from a person more than doubled between 2010 and 2013, increasing from 16,141 stolen smartphones in 2010 to 32,872 in 2013. In 2013, nearly half (49%) of London robberies involved a smartphone. Despite a successful 2012 crackdown on smartphone theft, London police still received over 100,000 reports of stolen smartphones in 2013.

“London also provides data that mobile device theft prevention technologies work. Thefts of iPhones decreased 24% in the six months following Apple’s making Activation Lock available.”

London isn’t the only major city to enjoy a decreased number of smartphone thefts thanks to Activation Lock. The report also reveals that New York City is enjoying a 19% decrease in smartphone thefts, while San Francisco is enjoying a whopping 38% decrease in smartphone thefts.

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