Developer shows how the Apple Watch OS would work on an iPhone

We know the Apple Watch will run a wearable-optimised version of iOS. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see how it works until early next year, since the Cupertino firm will not release the smartwatch until then. So we won’t get to know how it works, how it zooms in and out of the screen, scrolling, or how apps launch. Luckily for us, an iOS developer has made a video of the operating system running on an iPhone.


The developer in question is Lucas Menge. He was curious to know how the Apple Watch OS would look like on an iPhone, which inspired him to create a prototype interface.

Menge’s prototype is similar to Apple Watch OS. The only difference is the inclusion of labels for app icons. Of course, the Apple Watch will not have these labels, since the screen is too small for you to read them.

Watch the video below to see the Apple Watch OS running on an iPhone.


Again, the Apple Watch will launch in early 2015, with Tim Cook saying that the smartwatch will be a “game changer.” The cheapest version of the device will set you back around £216, which means, just like anything Apple, it won’t come cheap.

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