Check out this Apple iPhone 8 concept

French-speaking NWE has posted renders of what it imagines the iPhone 8 will look like years from now.

iPhone-7-Concept-1 iPhone-7-Concept-2 iPhone-7-Concept-3 iPhone-7-Concept-4 iPhone-7-Concept-5 iPhone-7-Concept-6 iPhone-7-Concept-8 iPhone-7-Concept-9 iPhone-7-Concept-10 iPhone-7-Concept-11 iPhone-7-Concept-12 iPhone-7-Concept-13 iPhone-7-Concept-14 iPhone-7-Concept-15 iPhone-7-Concept-16 iPhone-7-Concept-17 iPhone-7-Concept-18 iPhone-7-Concept-19 iPhone-7-Concept-20 iPhone-7-Concept-21 iPhone-7-Concept-22 iPhone-7-Concept-23 iPhone-7-Concept-24 iPhone-7-Concept-25

You may have noticed that this concept skips the iPhone 7 and jumps to the iPhone 8. Wondering why? Well, Apple has the tendency to redesign its iPhones every two year, which is why this concept skipped to the iPhone 8.

So will we see a redesigned iPhone 8 two years from now? Well, not unless the Cupertino firm decides to release the iPhone 6S next year. If this happens and if the same happens with the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 may not be seen until 2018 (four years from now).

Of course, since this is just a concept, something conjured up from a designer’s (not from Apple) imagination, it’s likely that we’ll see something entirely different once the iPhone 8 is out.

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