Here are reasons why you should choose the Samsung Galaxy S6 over the Apple iPhone 6

Planning to buy a new high-end smartphone? Can’t decide whether to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Apple iPhone 6. If this is your dilemma, PhoneArena has come up with seven reasons why to get your hands on the South Korean tech giant’s new flagship over the Cupertino firm’s new iPhone.


1. If camera quality is your top priority

Samsung has made sure that the camera of the Galaxy S6 is mentioned and advertised a lot and that is for good reason – the snapper is definitely very potent. Now, while the iPhone 6 does pack a really good camera, we find Samsung’s to be a step above.

2. If display size matters

Yes, Apple finally succumbed to the bigger screen trend, which it ignored and tried to ridicule around iPhone 5 release time. However, it didn’t go overboard with the iPhone 6 and still kept a rather modest 4.7″ diagonal of the display. Compared to the 5.1″ screen of the Galaxy S6, it may look like a negligible difference on paper, but it becomes quite apparent when one does a lot of browsing and text reading on their handset.

3. If you are big on accurate color reproduction

The iPhone 6’s display looks good – there’s no denying that. However, if you want to be a true color reproduction purist, you will probably have a beef with its slightly bluish overall tint. While the Galaxy S6 is not spot-on, it reproduces colors slightly more accurately, and the true, deep blacks that its Super AMOLED display provide are quite helpful here, too.

4. You are an Android guy at heart

It goes without saying that there is quite a bit of a difference in the way Android and iOS handle things. We won’t call the latter “simpler”, but it does tend to handle things in a more minimalistic way, closing the end user out of its file system and customization options. On the other side, Android offers full-blown (in comparison) customizations, widgets, open file system, and a lot of sub-menus in its settings. Sure, Samsung’s TouchWiz interface that’s laid on top of Android may have been a drag before, but it has been skimmed down and sped up a bit with this iteration, making the Galaxy S6 UX feel a bit “lighter”.

5. If you need that glass back

When the iPhone 6 was nearing release, leaked pictures of the new model had some users disappointed in its rather “boring” back. This led to speculations that the phone’s rear will be covered by a glass panel, which ultimately turned out to be false. If you are one who still wants that glass-metal-glass sandwich, the Galaxy S6 will be the more aesthetically pleasing choice for you here.

6. You want that super-crisp QHD resolution

Apple sticks to its favorite “retina” formula, keeping the PPI density of its flagship’s screen pinned at 326 PPI. Over at Android flagship land, most of the manufacturers are hopping on the QHD (1440 x 2560) resolution bandwagon, Samsung included. This means that the Galaxy S6’s 5.1″ display packs a super-crisp 577 PPI density – good luck seeing the individual pixels on this one.

7. You want to make use of wireless charging

Still a tech in its infancy, wireless charging is undeniably cool, and pretty convenient at that, especially since some coffee shops, such as Starbucks, have started outfitting their tables with wireless chargers. Early adopters have already made use of the tech by buying special back covers for their phones, but lo and behold – the Galaxy S6 offers wireless charging out of the box. If you want to be on top of that wave – that’s surely a phone to pick.

Do you agree with these reasons? Do they make you want to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Let us know through a comment on our Phones LTD Facebook page.

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