Beats-made Apple Solo2 Bluetooth headsets tested by US FCC

Back when Beats wasn’t owned by Apple, the popular headphone maker launched the Solo2 wired headphones. The Solo2 turned out to be a top-seller, since it is more affordable than Beats’ flagship headphones. Now that Apple owns Beats, will we see more high-end headphones from the two? According to an US FCC filing (see below), the answer is yes. Say hello to the Apple Solo2 Bluetooth headsets.


The FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) testing department has revealed the Apple’s wireless version of the wired Beats Solo2. Judging from the images seen above, the Bluetooth version of the headsets look a lot like its wired version. The document also reveals that Apple is using Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy technology. This is the only difference between the two.

The document also reveals that the wireless Solo2 will be carrying the “Apple” brand, with the Cupertino firm listed as the creator of the product (see FCC documentation below).

Although the headphones have been tested by the US FCC, we are yet to confirm when Apple is planning to launch on the new headsets. Furthermore, Apple is yet to officially announce this new Beats-made product.

Although we have no idea when Apple plans to lift the lid on the wireless Solo2, it’s a dead cert that this new product won’t come cheap, like anything that comes from the Cupertino firm or Beats.

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