IFixit tears down Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is only beginning to reach Apple fans who pre-ordered the device, and as soon as repair expert iFixit got its hands on the smartwatch, it immediately got to work and tore down the wearable piece by piece.


iFixit has given the Apple Watch a “repairability score” of “5 out of 10,” with 10 being the easiest to repair. This means that the wearable is neither hard or easy to repair.

There are three things that make the teardown easy. These include:

  • While not an industry standard, the watch band is easily removed and swapped out for a replacement.
  • Removing the screen is difficult, but not impossible—it’s the first component out, simplifying replacement.
  • Once you’re inside, the battery is quite easy to remove—only mild adhesive holds it in place.

One may give you a problem. This is:

  • While not proprietary, incredibly tiny tri-wing screws are a repair hinderance—especially when Torx or Phillips could have been used.

Two parts of the teardown process will be difficult. These are:

  • Removing any other component is essentially impossible—all peripheral cables are soldered onto the back of the S1.
  • The fully encased S1 system makes board-level repairs impossible.

To watch the teardown, hit play below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrDjP7iK7H8&w=560&h=315]

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